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See the Rock-Ola all original Regis 200 Vinyl-45 Jukebox Available for Purchase!
We at IN THE NEW AGE are a Rock-Ola jukebox authorized dealer. Furthermore, it has been said, we are their most effective online dealers. And also from this, Rock-Ola has actually asked us to position on the marketplace a 1 of a kind vintage jukeboxes that was manufactured in 1961. Please review the following details.
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THE 1961 ROCK OLA REGIS 200 SELECTION JUKEBOX (Just 1 in the world!).
This is an initial 1961 Rock-Ola REGIS 200 jukebox!
It has actually been totally replaced using repairs and components where needed and also refurbished by Rock-Ola, the one and only initial maker of this jukebox.
There is currently only 1 of these readily available! Once it is sold, there disappear LEFT!
We are accredited to SELL THIS!
By purchasing this fascinating jukebox, you are not just buying an original TOTALLY reconditioned vintage Rock-Ola jukebox, you are also buying a part of the 1960’s jukebox and music history and also you will certainly be INVESTING in a jukebox that must CONVENIENTLY appreciate in worth gradually!
This is among one of the most popular jukeboxes ever made by Rock-Ola. Traditional mid-century design and also a genuinely authentic tube amplifier noise, it plays 100 x 45rpm plastic documents. It has actually been fully reconditioned as well as has had a full “nut as well as bolt” remediation. Rock-Ola’s designers have completely taken the entire machine apart, the last time it was in pieces it remained in our previous factory in Chicago! Coincidentally, IN THE NEW AGE lies.
The wood cabinet has actually been stripped back to the bare timber, loaded fixed and painted. The metalwork has actually been polished as well as re-chromed, we used the very same business that does our chroming in The golden state. The system has been entirely removed and reconditioned. Significantly the amplifier has actually been set up as well as flawlessly combined to the initial audio speaker system, it rocks! It is offered in a quality A1 condition.
She is just about just as good as we can get her, we know a point or more concerning Jukeboxes, we have been making them over 90 years!
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Rock-Ola #Jukeboxes Developed by Hand in the USA! Learn Exactly how!
Talk about HIGH-END American top quality made #jukebox!
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For those who may not be aware of this, however, Rock-Ola jukebox is the only jukeboxes maker left in the United States, and all North America. In addition, they are among the few jukebox suppliers left on the planet. Currently, let be clear, I am not including the cheaply made mass produced jukeboxes made in Chia. I am describing a real commercial jukebox that makes use of real wood to makes its cabinets, and utilizes actual metal chrome, and not plastic. And for those who desire and also desire possess the best, as well as you are in the market for a jukebox, the I think a carefully American develop Rock-Ola is what you must be going after. Find out why.
rock-ola starts the procedure by arranging walnut veneered bentwood cabinet panels by color as well as grain. these panels are then squared and the top, base and sides are machined for the cabinets and also door frameworks.
After that, Rock-Ola makes use of a CNC (computerized numerical control) machine operator then chooses programs that immediately cuts different cabinet, base as well as door panels from Maple plywood, Baltic Birch, high density particle board and MDF timber sheets. Carefully picked African satinwood veneer is used for the door front. The two strong wood door “knees” go through a different hand cut ten step machining process to cut, glue, shape, detail, sand, discolor and end up.
Every one of the cut wooden panels and also trim pieces are set up right into cabinets and door assemblies, making use of the exact same situation clamps that Rock-Ola used considering that the late 1930’s to generate their jukeboxes, furniture, radio and tv cabinets. The wooden cabinets and door assemblies are after that sent for sanding and also ending up where they experience a five-step completing process before getting 2 layers of clear satin coating.
As soon as in the assembly area, seven stainless-steel panels are attached to the cabinet base structure, wheels as well as top trim frame are included as well as base is mounted to the cabinet. 6 cut glass mirror strips are glued right into the recess on the sides of the cabinet. A vivid back mural, securing device, power supply, amplifier, audio connection panel, quantity control, 10″ bass audio speaker, coin cup and also chute, crossover and cords are mounted.
The wood door assembly gets 15 three-way plated chrome die cast trims items. An overall of 15 plastic illumination panels/inserts are installed, followed by 8 handmade glass bubble tubes, LED light assemblies, revolving color cyndrical tubes, ruby grill towel, 2-6″ and 2-3″ audio speakers, keyboard, Bluetooth receiver, wires as well as solidified glass windows. The door settings up are then cut by hand to mate flawlessly to the cabinet settings up. The CD or record mechanism and also title page assemblies are constructed in a different area. Both undergo a 24-hour test procedure prior to being installed into the finished cabinets and also doors.
Now the finished jukebox is powered up. The procedure of the device, title web page, stereo, illumination as well as physical look are all checked. The jukebox can work on test for 2-3 hours prior to being sent out to the burn-in area for function, audio check, and also final assessment. As soon as getting in the burn-in area, the jukebox gets a check of the device, title page, lighting, stereo as well as appearance. This jukebox is after that put on a 24-hour self-diagnostic run-in treatment to examine the mechanism, keyboard and title page features.
When the 24-hour examination procedure is full, the jukebox goes into the sound booth. A Hi-pot test is performed to make certain appropriate grounding. Multiple choices are made, the sound system is checked in addition to the device, key-board, title page, Bluetooth, push-button control and also microphone features.
A final visual appearance evaluation is done prior to being sent out to be internal packed and crated for delivery.
As a licensed Rock-Ola jukebox dealer, you can be ensured we at IN THE NEW AGE, will certainly orchestrate all proper channels seeing to it you recognized Rock-Ola jukebox is built to the highest requirements feasible, also, get safely stuffed and also delivered to our customers with no problems!
Rock-Ola makes three various kinds of jukeboxes. They crazy a jukebox that plays vinyl-45 documents. Much like the old days, you can see through the home window on the jukebox and enjoy the record obtain gotten, put down and also spin while you listed to Elvis, the Beatles, or some of that doo-wop music from the 50’s. Nonetheless, if you’re like me, I would rather note to the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones!’.
Furthermore, if you resemble me and also you were a teenager throughout the 80’s, after that you were fascinated with the cassette disk (CD’s) when they first came out. The songs was so crisp as well as clear, it was something wonderful. Similar to the vynal-45 records, you can watch the CD obtain gotten, put down, and also watch Michael Jacksons Thriller playing!
Now, if you favor that bubbling fond memories look of the Rock-Ola, but you like sophisticated and also computers, the Rock-Ola Songs Facility includes a 1 Terabyte of storage space can fit up to 13,000 CDs, depending on compression choice.
I could go on all the time as well as inform you a lot extra concerning the Rock-Ola brand name of jukeboxes, but you need to.
For all items see IN THE NEW AGE TODAY!
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